Ethnographies of Absence in Contemporary Georgia – Københavns Universitet

15. maj 2014

Ethnographies of Absence in Contemporary Georgia

Special issue of Slavic Review - Interdisciplinary Quarterly of Russian, Eurasian, and East European Studies.
Volume 73, issue 2. 2014

edited by Elizabeth Cullen Dunn og Martin Demant Frederiksen
Slavic Review, 2014

Introduction - Elizabeth  Cullen Dunn and Martin Demant Frederiksen
Void  Pasts and Marginal Presents: On Nostalgia and Obsolete Futures in the Republic  of Georgia - Katrine  Bendtsen Gotfredsen
Once Upon a Time, There Was Sex in Georgia - Paul Manning
Humanitarianism,  Displacement, and the Politics of Nothing in Postwar Georgia - Elizabeth  Cullen Dunn
The Would-Be State: Reforms, NGOs, and Absent Presents in Postrevolutionary Georgia - Martin Demant Frederiksen

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