2. februar 2017

Georgian Portraits - Essays on the Afterlives of a Revolution

by Martin Demant Frederiksen and Katrine Bendtsen Gotfredsen
Zero Books, 2017

Ten ethnographic portraits telling the story of the social and political aftermaths of revolution.
Georgian Portraits chronicles everyday life in the Republic of Georgia in the decade that followed the Rose Revolution of 2003. Recent anthropological developments argue for the use of “afterlives” as an analytical notion through which to understand processes of socio-political change. Based on a series of portraits, Martin Demant Frederiksen and Katrine Bendtsen Gotfredsen employ the theory of social afterlives to examine the role of revolution in the formation of a modern Georgia. The book contributes to a deeper understanding of life in the aftermath of political reform, depicting the hopefulness of the Georgian population, but also the subsequent return to political disillusionment which lead them to a revolution in the first place.

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